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The world’s second tallest statue in sitting pose of Ramanuja was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India at Hyderabad recently. Which one of the following statements correctly represents the teachings of Ramanuja ?
(a) The best means of salvation was devotion.
(b) Vedas are eternal, self-existent and wholly authoritative.
(c) Logical arguments were essential means for the highest bliss.
(d) Salvation was to be obtained through meditation.



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Ramanuja, born in Tamil Nadu in the eleventh century, was deeply influenced by the Alvars. According to him the best means of attaining
salvation was through intense devotion to Vishnu.
Vishnu in His grace helps the devotee to attain the
bliss of union with Him. He propounded the doctrine
of Vishishtadvaita or qualified oneness in that the
soul even when united with the Supreme God
remained distinct.


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