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The plan of Sir Stafford Cripps envisaged that after the Second World War
(a) India should be granted complete independence
(b) India should be partitioned into two before granting independence
(c) India should be made a republic with the condition that she will join the Commonwealth
(d) India should be given Dominion status



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Sir Stafford Cripps, a senior British politician, was sent to India in 1942 by the British government to propose a constitutional framework for India's post-war political structure. The Cripps Mission aimed to secure Indian support for the British war effort and to address India's demand for self-government.

The Cripps Mission proposed the idea of a Dominion status for India, which meant granting India a significant degree of autonomy and self-governance within the British Commonwealth. The plan suggested that India would have the freedom to determine its own future and adopt its constitution, while still remaining a part of the Commonwealth.


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