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Quit India Movement was launched in response to
(a) Cabinet Mission Plan
(b) Cripps Proposals
(c) Simon Commission Report
(d) Wavell Plan



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The Quit India Movement was launched in response to the Cripps Proposals. The Cripps Mission, led by Sir Stafford Cripps, was sent to India in 1942 by the British government with the aim of seeking Indian support for the British war effort during World War II. The proposals offered certain political concessions, including the promise of dominion status after the war, but fell short of meeting the Indian demands for immediate self-government.

The failure of the Cripps Proposals to satisfy Indian aspirations for independence led to widespread disappointment and frustration among Indian leaders and the public. As a result, the All India Congress Committee, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, launched the Quit India Movement on August 8, 1942, calling for the British to leave India immediately. The movement was a mass civil disobedience campaign that aimed to achieve complete independence for India.


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