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One of the implications of equality in society is the absence of
(a) Privileges
(b) Restraints
(c) Competition
(d) Ideology



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The correct answer is (a) Privileges.

One of the implications of equality in society is the absence of privileges. Equality implies that all individuals should have equal rights, opportunities, and treatment without any special advantages or privileges based on factors such as social status, wealth, or power.

In an equal society, everyone is entitled to the same rights and opportunities, and no one should be granted undue advantages or privileges simply because of their social position or other factors. The absence of privileges ensures that individuals are treated fairly and that no particular group or individual is given preferential treatment or advantages over others.

Restraints (option b) refer to limitations or restrictions imposed on individuals. Competition (option c) refers to the rivalry or contest between individuals or groups striving for a particular goal. Ideology (option d) refers to a system of beliefs or ideas that guide individuals or groups in their actions.

While these factors can be relevant in discussions of equality, the direct implication of equality in society is the absence of privileges, making option (a) the correct answer.


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