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Consider the following statements:

Statement-I : The soll in tropical rain forests is rich in nutrients

Statement-II : The high temperature and moisture of tropica rain forests cause dead organic matter in the soil to decompose quickly.

Which one of the following is correct in respect of the above statements?
(a) Both Statement-I and Statement- are correct and Statement- is the correct explanation for Statement-I.
(b) Both Statement-1 and Statement- are correct and Statement-I is not the correct explanation for Statement-1.
(c) Statement-l is correct but Statement-II is incorrect.
(d) Statement-I is incorrect but Statement-II is correct.



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Statement-I is incorrect because the soil in tropical rainforests is generally poor in nutrients. The high rainfall and fast decomposition rates in these forests lead to the leaching of nutrients from the soil, resulting in nutrient-poor conditions.

However, Statement-II is correct as the high temperature and moisture in tropical rainforests do promote the rapid decomposition of dead organic matter in the soil.


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