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With reference to land reforms in independent India which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) The celling laws were aimed at family holdings and not individual holding.
(b) The major aim of land reforms was providing agricultural land to all the landless
(c) It resulted in cultivation of cash crops as a predominant from of cultivation
(d) Land reforms permitted no exemptions to the celling limits



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Land reforms in independent India were implemented to address issues of land inequality, landlordism, and rural poverty. The primary objective was to distribute agricultural land to landless and marginalized farmers, ensuring equitable access to land resources. This was aimed at reducing social and economic disparities in rural areas and promoting agricultural productivity.

Statement (a) is incorrect because ceiling laws were implemented to set limits on landholdings, both at the individual and family level, to prevent excessive concentration of land in the hands of a few.

Statement (c) is incorrect because land reforms aimed to promote diversified and sustainable agriculture, encouraging small and marginal farmers to cultivate a mix of food crops, cash crops, and other agricultural activities based on regional suitability.

Statement (d) is incorrect because land reforms did provide certain exemptions to ceiling limits based on factors such as family size, nature of crops grown, and other criteria defined by respective state legislations.


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