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With reference to ancient South India, Korkai, Poompuhar and Muchiri were well known as
(a) capital cities
(b) ports
(c) centres of iron-and-steel making
(d) shrines of Jain Tirthankaras



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Korkai, located in present-day Tamil Nadu, was an important port city during ancient times, known for its maritime trade and connections with other regions.

Poompuhar, also known as Kaveripattinam or Kaveripoompattinam, was another significant port city situated on the banks of the river Kaveri. It was a flourishing center of trade and maritime activities.

Muchiri, also known as Muziris, was an ancient port city located in present-day Kerala. It was a prominent trading hub, serving as a key point for the exchange of goods and cultural interactions between India and other regions such as the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the Far East.


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