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Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) Rights are claims of the State against the citizens
(b) Rights are privileges which are incorporated in the Constitution of a State.
(c) Rights are claims of the citizens against the State
(d) Rights are privileges of a few citizens against the many



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The correct statement is (c) Rights are claims of the citizens against the State.

Rights, in the context of constitutional law and political theory, are inherent entitlements and protections that individuals possess. They outline the freedoms, privileges, and protections that individuals can exercise and expect within a society.

In this regard, rights are seen as claims or entitlements of citizens against the State. They establish the limits of government power and ensure that individuals are protected from arbitrary actions or infringements on their fundamental freedoms. Citizens can assert their rights and hold the State accountable for upholding and respecting those rights.


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