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Which one of the following protected areas is well-known for the conservation of a sub-species of the Indian swamp deer (Barasingh(a) that thrives well on hard ground and exclusively graminivorous?

(a) Kanha National Park
(b) Manas National Park
(c) Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
(d) Tal Chhapar Wildlife sanctuary



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Kanha National Park, located in Madhya Pradesh, is well-known for the conservation of the Barasingha, also known as the Indian swamp deer. The park is home to the Hard-ground Barasingha, a sub-species of the swamp deer that thrives on hard ground and is exclusively graminivorous, feeding on grasses. Kanha National Park has played a significant role in the conservation of this sub-species, making it the correct answer.


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