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Which one of the following is the correct sequence of ecosystems in the order of decreasing productivity?

(a) Oceans, lakes, grasslands, mangroves
(b) Mangroves, oceans, grasslands, lakes
(c) Mangroves, grasslands, lakes, oceans
(d) Oceans, mangroves, lakes, grasslands



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Mangroves, which are coastal wetlands with salt-tolerant trees and shrubs, have high productivity due to their unique adaptation to brackish water environments and nutrient-rich sediments.

Grasslands, characterized by the dominance of grasses, have moderate productivity. They support a variety of grazing animals and exhibit substantial plant biomass production.

Lakes have lower productivity compared to mangroves and grasslands. While they receive sunlight and nutrients necessary for plant growth, the relatively enclosed nature of lakes and potential nutrient limitations can result in lower overall productivity.

Oceans, particularly open ocean areas, have the lowest productivity among the options given. While they cover a vast area, the availability of sunlight and nutrients can be limited in the open ocean, resulting in lower primary productivity compared to the other ecosystems.


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