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Which one of the following best describes the concept of 'Small Farmer Large Field '?
(a) Resettlement of a large number of people, uprooted from their countries due to war, by giving them a large cultivable landWhich they cultivate collectively and share the produce
(b) Many marginal farmers in an area organize themselves into groups and synchronize and harmonize selected agricultural operations
(c) Many marginal farmers in an area together make a contractWith a corporate body and surrender their land to the corporate body for a fixed term forWhich the corporate body makes a payment of agreed amount to the farmers
(d) A company extends loans, technical knowledge and material inputs to a number of small farmers in an area so that they produce the agricultural commodity required by the company for its manufacturing process and commercial production



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In this concept, small farmers in an area come together and form groups or cooperatives. They collaborate and coordinate their agricultural activities to achieve economies of scale and enhance productivity. By pooling their resources and efforts, they can collectively access better technology, inputs, and market opportunities. This approach helps them overcome the limitations of their small individual land holdings and improve their overall efficiency and profitability.

The "Small Farmer Large Field" concept emphasizes the importance of collective action and cooperation among small farmers to enhance their agricultural practices and competitiveness.


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