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Very recently, in which of the following countries have lakhs of people either suffered from severe famine/acute malnutrition or died due to starvation caused by war/ethnic conflicts ?
(a) Angola and Zambia
(b) Morocco and Tunisia
(c) Venezuela and Colombia
(d) Yemen and South Sudan



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Yemen: Yemen has been facing one of the world's largest humanitarian crises, primarily due to the ongoing civil war. The conflict has resulted in widespread food insecurity, displacement of people, and limited access to basic necessities. The United Nations has declared Yemen as the world's worst humanitarian crisis, with millions of people suffering from severe famine and acute malnutrition.

South Sudan: South Sudan has also been affected by a combination of conflict, economic instability, and environmental factors, leading to a severe food crisis. The ongoing civil war and displacement of people have disrupted agriculture, livelihoods, and access to food. The United Nations has declared parts of South Sudan as experiencing famine, and millions of people are at risk of starvation.


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