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The main advantage of the parliamentary form of government is that
(a) the executive and legislature work independently
(b) It provides continuity of policy and is more efficient
(c) the executive remains responsible to the legislature
(d) the head of the government cannot be changed without the election.



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In a parliamentary system, the executive is formed by the majority party or coalition in the legislature. The executive remains in power as long as it enjoys the support and confidence of the majority of the members of the legislature. This ensures a direct link between the executive and the legislature, creating a system of checks and balances.

This responsibility of the executive to the legislature ensures that the government remains accountable for its actions and policies. The executive is required to regularly report to the legislature, answer questions, and justify its decisions. If the executive loses the support of the majority in the legislature, it can be removed through a vote of no-confidence or other parliamentary procedures.


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