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Constitutional government means
(a) a representative government of a nation with federal structure
(b) a government whose Head enjoys nominal powers
(c) a government whose Head enjoys real powers
(d) a government limited by the terms of the Constitution



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In a constitutional government, the powers and functions of the government are defined and limited by the provisions and principles laid out in the constitution of a country. The constitution serves as the supreme law of the land and establishes the framework for the government's structure, the distribution of powers, and the rights and responsibilities of the citizens.

Option (d) accurately describes constitutional government as one that operates within the boundaries and restrictions set by the constitution. This ensures that the government's actions and decisions are lawful, accountable, and subject to the principles and values enshrined in the constitution. The constitution serves as a check on the government's authority, preventing it from exceeding its powers and protecting the rights and liberties of the people.


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