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Consider the following statements

Statement-I : The temperature contrast between is greater continents and oceans during summer than in winter.

Statement-II : The specific heat of water is more than that of land surface.

Which one of the following is correct in respect of the above statements?
(a) Both Statement-I and Statement- are correct and Statement- is the correct explanation for Statement-I.
(b) Both Statement-1 and Statement- are correct and Statement-I is not the correct explanation for Statement-I.
(c) Statement-l is correct but Statement-II is incorrect.
(d) Statement-I is incorrect but Statement-II is correct.



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Statement-I is correct. During summer, continents heat up more quickly and to higher temperatures compared to oceans due to differences in their heat capacities and surface characteristics.

Statement-II is also correct. Water has a higher specific heat compared to land surfaces, which means it can absorb and store more heat energy for a given mass. This property of water helps to moderate temperature changes in coastal areas and creates a temperature contrast between land and ocean during summer.


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