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Consider the following statements:

Statement-I: India 's public sector health care system largely focuses on curative care with limited preventive, promotive and rehabilitative care.

Statement-II: Under India 's decentralized approach to health care delivery, the States are primarily responsible for organizing health services.

Which one of the following is correct in respect of the above statements?
(a) Both Statement-I and Statement-l are correct and Statement-II is the correct explanation for Statement-I
(b) Both Statement-I and Statement-II are correct and Statement-is not the correct explanation for Statement-l
(c) Statement-l is correct but Statement-ll is incorrect
(d) Statement-I is incorrect but Statement-Il is correct



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Statement-I is incorrect. India's public sector healthcare system does not solely focus on curative care. It also includes preventive, promotive, and rehabilitative care. Efforts have been made to strengthen primary healthcare and expand healthcare services beyond curative care.

Statement-II is correct. Under India's decentralized approach to healthcare delivery, the states have the primary responsibility for organizing and delivering health services. The central government provides support, guidance, and funding, but the implementation occurs at the state level.


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