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Consider the following events in the history of India:

1. Rice of Pratiharas under king Bhoja
2. Establishment of Pallava power under Mahendravarman-I
3. Establishment of Chola power by Parantaka-I
4. Pala dynasty founded by Gopala

What is the correct chronological order of the above events, starting from the earliest time?
(a) 2-1-4-3
(b) 3-1-4-2
(c) 2-4-1-3
(d) 3-4-1-2



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During the ancient history of India, the Pallava power was established first under Mahendravarman-I. The Pallava dynasty played a significant role in the South Indian region.
After that, the Pala dynasty was founded by Gopala. The Palas ruled over Bengal and Bihar regions and had a significant influence in Northern India.
Following that, the Pratiharas rose to power under king Bhoja. The Pratiharas were a prominent dynasty in North India and played a crucial role in the political landscape.
Lastly, the Chola power was established by Parantaka-I. The Cholas became a dominant force in South India and had a prosperous reign.


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