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Consider the following:

1. Demographic performance
2. Forest and ecology
3. Governance reforms
4. Stable government
5. Tax and fiscal efforts

For the horizontal tax devolution, the Fifteenth Finance Commission used how many of the above as criteria other than population area and income distance?
(a) Only two
(b) Only three
(c) Only four
(d) All five



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The Fifteenth Finance Commission of India suggested the following weightage for the criteria used in the horizontal tax devolution:

1. Demographic Performance: 12.5% weightage.
2. Income: 45% weightage.
3. Population: 15% weightage.
4. Area: 15% weightage.
5. Forest and Ecology: 10% weightage.
6. Tax and Fiscal Efforts: 2.5% weightage.

These weightages were used to calculate the share of tax revenues that would be allocated to each state from the central government.


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